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Allwinner A33 Tablets Hacking Guide (with Mainline Kernel/U-Boot)

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I will assume that the reader is able to cross-compile a Linux kernel.

How to check whether a tablet uses Allwinner A33

  • The most exact way, disassemble the tablet, and find a chip with "A33" on it ;-)
  • Check the "Build Number"(版本号) in "About Tablet" in the stock Android's Settings, if it starts with "aster", then it will mostly be an A33-based tablet.

Get root permission

  • Usually unbranded Allwinner tablets are shipped with "userdebug" firmware, which by default have adbd running as root. So simply try "adb shell" on a PC first.
  • If your tablet unfortunately disabled adbd's root permission, you can try a Kingroot. (Although I do not like Kingroot...)

Prequisites to hack an A33 tablet

  • Prepare a PC with GNU/Linux installed ;-)
  • Prepare a ARM GCC toolchain. (The Linaro one is Okay. )
  • Prepare host build environment, and build sunxi-tools ( ) or install it from your distro.
  • Prepare a reliable Micro-USB cable, and if your tablet come with a dedicated DC power input, you'd better prepare a power adapter for it (as you can use OTG in the same time then).
  • Prepare a brain that likes hacking ;-)

Retrieve necessary info from Android

Run lsmod and detect device by modules loaded

Touchscreen controllers:
  • gt9xx{,f}_ts - Goodix GT9xx touchscreen controller
  • gslX680{,new} - Silead GSLX68X touchscreen controller
Wireless network adapters:
  • 8723bs - Realtek RTL8723BS Wireless Network Adapter (SDIO)
  • 8723cs - (usually) Realtek RTL8703AS Wireless Network Adapter (SDIO)
  • esp8089 - Espressif ESP8089 Wireless Network Adapter (SDIO)

Retrieve script.bin

On A33 devices, script.bin are usuall not accessible on nanda partition.
So you must use a dd command to dump it:
dd if=/dev/mem of=/sdcard/script.bin bs=1 count=262144 skip=1124073472
Then use bin2fex from sunxi-tools to decipher the script.bin to script.fex .
Some infomation in it may be needed.

(For Silead GSLX68X touchscreen controller) Retrieve the firmware

Retrieve all the .ko files prefixed with "gslX680" in /vendor/modules .
Then use the fw_extractor tool from to extract the firmwares from the .ko files.

Mainline kernel's restrictions and advantages


  1. NAND cannot be supported well now. (But if your device uses an eMMC, you still have the opportunity to install Linux to the eMMC. )
  2. Hardware-accelerated video decoding is not yet supported.
  3. More features missing...


  1. It's newer.
  2. It can support newer Systemd ;-)
  3. It's more stable.

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